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"Production Has Priority"

New Product: MODEL FDE 2

      We started for designing of a plastic coating  machine for wires in 2009 by reviewing the requirements of the sector and our technical skill. When we were designing this machine, which takes bare wire from coil and covers it with PVC then puts into rosette coil again automatically, we cared for meticulously on ease-of-use, environmental health, worker’s health, low-cost, high performance under continual operating conditions, and long lasting machine.
         We completed the first machine at the beginning of 2010; we applied long tests on it, and delivered it to a user company in Ankara. While we were observing it for a period of 6 months, on the other hand, manufacturing of the second machine was continued. The performance of the first machine was above we expected.

 We hope becoming widespread of PVC covered wire fence because it ensures protection against rusting as well as it has an esthetical advantage. FDE 2 model automatic plastic coating machine for wires was put on the market by DEMİRCİ MAKİNA in July 2010.